Bizcon It


Onsite Development Model

Bizcon can provide consultants with specific skills on a contract basis, for the specified period of time. These consultants would be provided on a Time and Material basis under the management of the client. As the technology environments rapidly evolve, Bizcon stays in the forefront by offering its clients the computer professionals and services they need.

  • Proximity to the client
  • Dedicated expertise
  • Can scale up and down resources based on needs
  • Access to a large pool of expertise

Fixed Time / Fixed Price

  • A low risk option
  • Choose when the scope and specifications of the project is reasonably clear
  • Projects delivered on time, on budget, on target
  • Customers can have a combination of this with offshore development center execution model

Time and Material

  • Project team ascertained based on the project requirement.
  • Other resources like staff, equipment and infrastructure are planned based on the project requirement.
  • Customers to pay the monthly charges based on the size and composition of the team.
  • Most of the onsite services are delivered using this business model.